Mesotech offers a wide range of weather monitoring and reporting equipment and related products for any size application.

  • Weather Pro™ System – This compact weather station is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including hazmat, agricultural, meteorological, and defense.
  • Portable Weather Station Kits – Mesotech’s portable weather station kits are self-contained weather observing stations, designed completely for convenience. These kits are unique in the world of portable weather stations in that they are compact, customized, and complete.
  • General Meteorological Stations and Networks – Mesotech provides general meteorological stations and networks for nearly any application, from agricultural and hydrological to industrial and SYNOP.
  • Weather Station Networks – Mesotech’s Airport Weather Advisor® and Weather Advisor™ software are designed for use either on or off a network.
  • Weather Advisor Pro software – This easy-to-use program for weather observation and reporting is optimal for any small-to-medium application.
  • AWA software – Mesotech’s Airport Weather Advisor® (AWA) software is a complete weather monitoring and reporting program for airports of any size.
  • Sensors and Equipment – Mesotech works with several reputable firms that supply high-quality, cost-effective sensors and parts for use in multiple applications.
  • Data Acquisition – Mesotech offers several powerful, compact, and affordable data acquisition and control devices (“dataloggers”) ideally suited for collecting meteorological and hydrological data.
  • Central Processing – The central processing station is the hub for communications, networking, reporting, and security.
  • Communications/Telemetry – Mesotech supports telemetry through all geostationary and communication satellite systems.

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