Professional Ceilometers For Measuring Cloud Height


In aviation, knowing the ceiling or vertical visibility is important. The professional cloud height sensor is designed to provide accurate cloud and obscuration information from fixed or mobile installations. The ceilometer is a standalone instrument that you can easily carry in one hand. A digital readout on the ceilometer enclosure provides cloud base and operating status information.
In addition to being portable and accurate, the ceilometer is durable with a demonstrated mean-time-between-failures of over 150,000 hours and laser life of 10 years. It has just three subassemblies that allow for field replacement without having to align or recalibrate. The ceilometer has been tested to IEC environmental standards for vibration, shock, impulse voltages, transients, operating temperature, and EMI susceptibility and emissions.

Professional Ceilometer features:


The professional ceilometer has several customizable options, from stands for fixed installations to blowers to keep the lens clean in snow conditions. To see the complete list of customizable options or if you have any questions, please contact us today.