Get Compliant with the SB-88 Water Diversion Data Logger

The SB-88 Water Diversion Data Logger allows you to achieve SB-88 compliance as quickly, easily, and inexpensively as possible. Fill out our contact form and we’ll guide you to the right solution for your situation.

Keep it simple with the right tool for the job.

  1. Install the logger on a post near your diversion.
  2. Wire it to your flow meters. We’ll tell you exactly what to do.
  3. Turn on the logger. The included solar panel and battery will keep it running.
  4. Collect your data. One touch offload to a flash drive or direct to your smartphone.
  5. Don’t have time for that? The telemetry option will send you a report every week by email.

If you want help with the install, we’re located in Sacramento and can take care of it for you. Otherwise, give us a call and we’ll help by phone.

We’ve got the features covered.

  1. Connects to all the commonly used flow meters
  2. Shipped pre-configured for your application
  3. Collects data from up to 3 separate flow meters
  4. Transfers SB-88 required data to USB flash drive with one button press
  5. Weatherproof enclosure keeps your data safe
  6. Solar power supply included or it can run off your AC or DC power source
  7. Remote communication by WiFi, Ethernet, or cellular modem
  8. Telemetry option sends your logs to you each week by e-mail