The SB-88 Water Diversion Logger Keeps You Compliant


With California’s ongoing water issues, the legislature introduced Senate Bill 88 to monitor the use of California’s natural water supply by water rights holders. If you are authorized to divert water from a natural source in California, you may be required by law to measure and report the diversion to the government.

In response to SB-88, Mesotech developed a data logger specifically to satisfy this law. The SB-88 Water Diversion Data Logger comes pre-configured to meet all mandatory water diversion measurement requirements and is purposely designed for non-technical users to install and use. Installation is as simple as plugging in a power source and connecting a flow meter to the data logger.

SB-88 Water Diversion Logger features:


The SB-88 Water Diversion Data Logger is the simplest, most efficient way to stay compliant with SB-88. If you’d like a full list of specifications or have any questions, please contact us.