Mesotech International, Inc.
Airport Weather Advisor®

FAA Certified Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS)

  • FAA Certified for AWOS levels I, II, III, IIIP/T, and IV Z
  • Mesotech has manufactured and installed aviation weather systems for 25+ years
  • We provide free technician and operator training with installation
  • We offer competitive pricing for new systems, replacement systems, and maintenance
  • We can re-use existing concrete pads and towers to minimize replacement costs
  • Our FAA certified AWOS is based on the latest generation aviation weather system that we manufacture and install for the US Air Force

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Why choose Mesotech?

  • You can trust our systems. Airport Weather Advisor® has been in continuous use and ongoing development for over 25 years.
  • You can trust our support. Our helpdesk services over 200 US military installations worldwide, every day.
  • We have global experience. Our California based staff travels worldwide to provide training, installation, and support.

US Air Force AN/FMQ-23
Bryant Army Airfield, AK

US Air Force AN/FMQ-23
Goldstone Deep Space Communication Complex, CA

Maintenance and Support

  • We work with regional independent technicians and service providers to provide rapid support and maintenance at a reasonable price
  • Already have a maintenance provider? Perfect! We'll train them at no additional cost during the installation.
  • We're always available by phone or email to support airports and their maintenance technicians
  • We maintain upgrade paths for our systems so that as technology changes, your system can be upgraded over time rather than replaced.

What's the next step?

  • Schedule a free phone consultation with an engineer. We'll talk about your specific airport requirements and provide cost estimates.
  • Not ready for a phone call? Send us a message via the form above and we'll provide some more information to help you get started.

US Air Force AN/FMQ-23
Wake Island Airfield