You can set up a sophisticated data acquisition system with the Weather Pro™ data logger in a few minutes with no programming required. It works with hundreds of sensors and is network ready with integrated WiFi and Ethernet.

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Mesotech’s Weather Pro™ data logger is a powerful, compact, sophisticated and affordable data acquisition and control device ideally suited for collecting meteorological, hydrological, environmental, and industrial data. With its integrated WiFi and Ethernet ports, the Weather Pro™ data logger works with systems ranging in size from portable stations to national networks.

Benefits of Weather Pro™ Data Loggers

• Plug & Measure™ capability – Nearly instantaneous connections for a large variety of sensors of almost any type. No instruction programming required – ever!
• One touch data offload – One button press offloads your data to a flash drive – no computer connection necessary.
• Scalability – Build a station with one to thirty sensors, or more with intelligent devices that use the 10 available serial digital and SDI ports. Connect an unlimited number of stations into a data collection network.
• Configurability – Intuitive menu-driven software with a broad range of options for configurations, communications, and applications.
• Network capability – Connect Weather Pro to your local and wide area networks using the integrated WiFi and Ethernet ports, or the optional IP cellular modem.
• Integrations—our data loggers work with many weather reporting systems, such as CAMEO®/ALOHA®, Weather Advisor Pro™, and Airport Weather Advisor®, or you can send data to other existing monitoring systems.

The Weather Pro™ logger is a complete package with sensor interfaces, data processing and logging, communications interfaces, and software for display, analysis, and reporting. By using the intuitive menu, you can configure your settings and be up and running in just a few minutes.


• Simple Plug and Measure™ user interface does not require instruction programming
• Interfaces for all types of sensors: voltage, current, resistance, pulsed, digital, SDI-12
• Integrated web server and smartphone app for configuration, display, diagnostics
• Onboard standard WiFi supports 802.11 b/g/n
• Supports license-free RF and cellular IP modems
• Offload data to a USB Flash Drive with one button press – no computer necessary.
• Ten multi-protocol serial ports, each supporting RS232/RS485/RS422
• Fifteen analog sensor inputs, three pulse inputs, mA and uA current input
• Digital control outputs
• SDI-12 port
• Ethernet port
• USB A port for USB flash drives
• USB B port for direct connection to a computer
• Surge and overvoltage protection on all connections
• Wide operating temperature range -50° to +85°
• Power input from DC supply, solar, 12/24/36V batteries
• Power save and sleep modes with sensor excitation

The Weather Pro™ logger from Mesotech has an incredible range of applications, from flood warning to agriculture and hazmat to storm reporting. Our engineers will help you design, build, and install a cost-effective solution for any application with unparalleled expertise and customer service.