Weather Pro® systems deliver accurate data in a complete package that’s easy to use and maintain. From small stations to large networks, we provide the sensors, data logger, and software to process and display your critical data.

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Remove Guesswork With The WeatherPro™ System

Wind speed, solar radiation, cloud height, rainfall, and more – for 90% of the world, an educated guess is sufficient. But if your work depends on the environmental conditions, you need to be certain. Weather Pro® gives you reliable, accurate data in an all-inclusive package that’s easy to deploy, use, and maintain. Mesotech designs systems for fixed application as well as portable units.

What’s in the system?

WeatherPro® is a system; not a sensor. This means it includes:

• Sensors
• Tower or tripod for mounting equipment outdoors
• Weather Pro® data logger
• Weather Advisor Pro™ software

The portable system is lightweight, requires no tools for assembly, and deploys instantly. When we send out a Weather Pro® system, it’s ready to go – the time from unboxing your system and connecting power to data collection can take as little as 10 minutes.

Mesotech uses high-quality sensors capable of measuring any meteorological, hydrological or environmental parameter. For product details or questions, please contact us.

Our stands are designed for temporary or permanent applications. If applicable, we also provide earth grounding and lightning rod kits, obstruction lighting, and civil works materials, as well as anchoring stakes for the aluminum tripod.

WeatherPro® Data Acquisition:
We offer several options for acquiring data in the form of powerful, compact data acquisition and control devices. Each unit comes with sensor interfaces, embedded software, menu-driven customization options, communications means, and a rugged weather-proof enclosure.

Weather Advisor Pro™ software:
Mesotech’s Weather Advisor Pro™ software is intuitive, runs on virtually any modern computer or server, and is designed to work seamlessly with our systems. Additionally, we complement this software with a robust web app.

Customizable to suit your needs
Looking for something specific? Custom-built systems are what we do best. If you have a remote location and need a clever communications method or source of power, we can handle that. If you have an idea of what type of data you want to collect, we’re confident we can build a system for your application.