Abbeville Airport Enhances Safety and Efficiency with Mesotech AWOS IIIPT Installation

Abbeville, Louisiana, February 26th, 2024A new Mesotech Airport Weather Advisor AWOS IIIPT is now online at Abbeville Chris Crusta Memorial Airport in Louisiana. This cutting-edge system ensures pilots receive critical weather data, greatly enhancing safety and efficiency at the airport. The installation and FAA commissioning was performed by Mesotech’s engineers and Nav-Tel Services LLC. 

The airport is a gateway to the vibrant culture and attractions of Vermilion Parish and the Gulf of Mexico. From exploring the Cajun culture to visiting nearby attractions like Avery Island and Lake Peigneur, the enhanced services at Abbeville Chris Crusta Memorial Airport make it even more accessible and convenient for travelers.  

This upgrade further solidifies Abbeville Chris Crusta Memorial Airport as a vital hub for general aviation in the region. Whether for recreational flyers, local private aircraft, or business aviation, the AWOS ensures accurate and reliable weather reporting, facilitating smoother and more informed flight planning. In addition to benefiting pilots and passengers, the installation of the AWOS aligns with the airport's commitment to the community. With improved weather information, emergency responders, local businesses, and residents alike can make better-informed decisions during inclement weather events. 

The AWOS, a state-of-the-art weather monitoring system, provides real-time weather data crucial for safe and efficient flight operations. Pilots can now access up-to-the-minute information on wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, visibility, and more, enhancing safety for all who utilize the airport via the AWOS Live web application at KIYA.AWOS.LIVE AWOS Live allows anyone with an internet-connected computer or mobile device to view live streaming weather data from the airport.    

Airport Weather Advisor is the flagship product of Mesotech International, Inc., a Sacramento, California-based manufacturer of meteorological instrumentation systems. The new AWOS supports aviation safety by providing automatic, up-to-the-minute weather reports to pilots via radio, telephone, or the internet, and is monitored remotely by Mesotech’s support staff to ensure the system operates properly year-round. An AWOS-3PT monitors wind, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, visibility, sky condition, precipitation, and detects thunderstorm. The new system reports automated weather reports to the FAA, making certified weather data available to the national weather service and the aviation community.  

Mesotech’s team is excited to witness the positive impact this technology will have on the safety and success of operations at this vital airport.  


About Mesotech International, Inc. 

With over 30 years of experience, Mesotech International, Inc. is a leading provider in the design, manufacture, and installation of meteorological monitoring systems. Their flagship product, the Airport Weather Advisor®, is an FAA-certified, ICAO-compliant, and USAF-approved Automated Weather Observing System. Recognized as the Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year (Region IX) in 2014, Mesotech serves as a prime contractor for the US Air Force, offering system engineering and logistics support to over 200 military installations worldwide.