With a range of 200 nautical miles, our lightning and thunderstorm sensor is an excellent piece of equipment for aviation, general meteorology, and thunderstorm warning systems.

Designed to specifically sense the electromagnetic signature from lightning strikes while filtering out other electrical noise. The Lightning and Thunderstorm Sensor from Mesotech is essential for aviation and storm warning applications, and may be used standalone or as part of a system. Add it to an Airport Weather Advisor® system, or use it with your own data processing equipment. For more information, or a complete list of specifications please contact us.

Thunderstorm and Lightning Sensor Features

• Detects Intra-Cloud, Inter-Cloud, and Cloud-To-Ground Electrical Discharges
• Less than 2% False Detection Rate
• Reports Range and Direction of Strikes within 200 Nautical Miles
• Communication via RS-232 or RS-422
• Built-in Automatic Diagnostic Self-Testing
• Operating Temperature Range -55°C to 70°C
• Mounting Pedestal Available