Airport Weather Advisor®

Airport Weather Advisor is Mesotech’s FAA Certified AWOS (Automated Weather Observing System) suitable for all airports. Airport Weather Advisor keeps your airport safe and informed of changing weather conditions with up to the minute meteorological reports and comprehensive support.

  • Mesotech's Airport Weather Advisor is FAA Type Certified and fully compliant with all international requirements including ICAO and WMO.
  • A user-friendly secure web-based application seamlessly integrates with existing technology, allowing you to view live data, generate standardized and comprehensive meteorological reports (METAR, SPECI, SYNOP), and perform maintenance functions from anywhere in the world.
  • Communication matters so Mesotech AWOS provides voice reports either by telephone or ground-to-air radio (VHF or UHF) which is available both in English and Spanish as well as bilingual.

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When something isn’t working right your whole airport can grind to a halt, causing delays and frustration. It’s important for you to be up and running again as quickly and conveniently as possible. That’s why customer support is the most important part of our product. Mesotech never charges for a phone call or an email.

Mesotech supports local and independent third-party maintainers for AWOS systems and offers free training with installation. Weather patterns never stop, so neither should your support.

Our helpdesk supports over 200 military locations worldwide and stands by ready to serve you and your airport no matter what the weather brings.



Just like the weather, technology is always changing. Mesotech is built to last and built to integrate. Airport Weather Advisor® systems are installed on every continent including Antarctica. Our products are built tough to stand the test of time and last decades. However, we never leave a customer behind.

You shouldn’t have to replace a working system just because it is old, that’s a needless expense on your budget. Mesotech AWOS is built to efficiently adapt existing infrastructure at your airfield and seamlessly mix the old with the new to keep you flying safely. We always maintain an upgrade path for our legacy equipment and provide support when it is time to upgrade.

FAA Type-Certified Options

  • AWOS A/V: Altimeter setting, visibility
  • AWOS I: Altimeter, wind speed/direction, temperature, dew point, and density altitude
  • AWOS II: The same as AWOS I plus visibility
  • AWOS III: The same as AWOS II plus precipitation accumulation, cloud height, and sky condition
  • AWOS III P/T: The same as AWOS III plus present weather and/or thunderstorm detection
  • AWOS IV Z: Same as AWOS IIIPT plus freezing rain detection

Bryant Army Airfield, AK

Goldstone Deep Space Communication Complex, CA

ICAO Compliant / Worldwide Options

Not only is all Mesotech equipment fully FAA certified, but it also meets or exceeds rigorous WMO and ICAO requirements for aeronautical weather observation, including (METAR, SPECI, SYNOP, TAF, etc.). All systems are built to the same high quality required to keep you running efficiently and safely.

There is no limit to the number of airfield stations and sensor configurations Mesotech AWOS can support, allowing you to adjust or increase your system as the situation dictates. This includes Runway Visual Range (RVR) using forward scatter visibility sensors.

Mesotech offers a variety of custom communication options depending upon your requirements and geographical demands including optical fiber, copper, spread spectrum radio, UHF data radio, and cellular allowing you to customize your system and the ways in which your data is disseminated.

Why choose Mesotech?

Trust matters, and you can trust Mesotech. Airport Weather Advisor has been in continuous use and ongoing development for over 20 years. We never stop working to make it the best product for your airport in all weather conditions.

Support you can count on. Whether you’re integrating with an old system or updating to a new one, Mesotech is up to the task and can offer customized equipment and support to your airport as well as quick and efficient updates and support. Our helpdesk services over 200 US military weather station installations worldwide every day and stands by ready to assist your technicians for the most efficient maintenance options on the market. What’s more, you’ll never pay extra for our assistance.

Experience in the industry. Mesotech was founded over 25 years ago in Sacramento, California and in that time our engineers have seen and conquered every conceivable hurdle. Our California based staff travels worldwide to provide training, installation, and support for all kinds of weather and aviation demands. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Arizona or Alaska, Japan or Angola, or even Antarctica. We bring our global experience in aviation AWOS to you and your airport.

Wake Island Airfield


Mesotech International is a global provider of AWOS aviation systems represented on all seven continents, including Antarctica. No matter where you are in the world, the size of your airport, or the volume of air travel you represent, Mesotech can provide you with a customized and fully compliant AWOS system. Our systems are FAA Type Certified and compliant with all international standards including ICAO and WMO to provide you with up to the minute meteorological reports no matter where you are. Some of our recent installations include:

Alabama: Redstone Arsenal, Lowe AHP, Hanchey AHP, Shell AHP

Alaska: Fort Wainwright, Bryant AAF

Arizona: Gila Bend AFAF, Libby AAF, Laguna AAF

California: Vandenberg AFB, Edwards AFB, Goldstone DSCC, Bicycle Lake AAF

Texas: Biggs AAF, Robert Gray AAF, Hood AAF, and Laughlin AFAF

Other USAF locations in Lousiana, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Michigan, Hawaii, and Florida

Wake and Shemya Islands

Japan: Camp Zama

Korea: Osan Air Base, Yongsan Air Base

Kuwait: Ali Al Salem AB

Antarctica: Palmer and McMurdo Stations

Sierra Leone: Lungi International Airport

Angola: Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport and 10 others


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