Airport Weather Advisor® is an FAA certified AWOS capable of meteorological reporting for any size airport. AWA is available in FAA certified, ICAO compliant, USAF accepted, and customized versions. FAA Certified for AWOS I, II, III, IIIP/T, and IV Z

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Airport Weather Advisor® features:

• Automatic standard reporting (FMH-1, ICAO, WMO, AFMAN 15-111)
• Automatically produces METAR, SPECI, SYNOP, and other standardized reports
• Secure web based application allows you to view live data, augment reports, and perform maintenance functions anywhere
• Voice reports via telephone or ground-to-air (VHF or UHF) radio available in English, Spanish, or bilingual
• Automatic self-testing and reporting of component status and data quality
• Automatic archiving of data logs and reports
• Virtual Station Technology™ and optional redundancy eliminates single point failures

Choosing an AWOS:

Choosing the right Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) vendor is key to the success of your AWOS installation. The most important factors aren’t in your requirements document. Here’s what sets Mesotech apart:

• Our AWA® software has been in continuous use and development for 21 years. Our customers trust it because it’s been tested in the real world, in every type of weather.
• We’re responsive and flexible. Our customers know that we smoothly adapt to changing requirements.
• You deal with an experienced engineer, not a salesperson. From quote to installation, you need accurate technical guidance. Our engineers ensure you get the right solution from the very beginning.
• Mesotech’s customer support is second to none. The engineers who designed your system will work with you directly to answer your questions and get problems solved quickly.