FAA Certified AWOS - Airport Weather Advisor®

Airport Weather Advisor® is Mesotech's FAA certified AWOS (Automated Weather Observing System) capable of meteorological reporting for any size airport.

  • FAA Type Certified for AWOS I, AWOS II, AWOS III, AWOS IIIP/T, and AWOS IV Z
  • Available in ICAO/WMO compliant versions for airports worldwide
  • Automatically produces METAR, SPECI, SYNOP, and other standardized reports
  • Secure web-based application allows you to view live data and perform maintenance functions anywhere
  • Voice reports via telephone or ground-to-air (VHF or UHF) radio available in English, Spanish, or bilingual

Call us at 916-368-2020 or send us a message:

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Support is part of our product. We never charge for a phone call or an email.

We support local/third party maintainers and offer free training.

Our helpdesk supports 200+ military locations worldwide. We are ready to serve.



Airport Weather Advisor® systems are installed on every continent including Antarctica. We build them tough to last for decades.

We always maintain an upgrade path for our legacy equipment. We never leave a customer behind.

FAA Type-Certified Options

  • AWOS A/V: Altimeter setting, visibility
  • AWOS I: Altimeter, wind speed/direction, temperature, dew point, and density altitude
  • AWOS II: The same as AWOS I plus visibility
  • AWOS III: The same as AWOS II plus precipitation accumulation, cloud height, and sky condition
  • AWOS III P/T: The same as AWOS III plus present weather and/or thunderstorm detection
  • AWOS IV Z: Same as AWOS IIIPT plus freezing rain detection

Bryant Army Airfield, AK

Goldstone Deep Space Communication Complex, CA

ICAO Compliant / Worldwide Options

  • All equipment meets or exceeds WMO and ICAO requirements
  • Unlimited number of airfield stations and sensor configurations
  • Custom communication options including optical fiber, copper, spread spectrum radio, UHF data radio, and cellular
  • Runway visual range using forward scatter sensors

Why choose Mesotech?

  • You can trust our systems. Airport Weather Advisor® has been in continuous use and ongoing development for over 20 years.
  • You can trust our support. Our helpdesk services over 200 US military installations worldwide, every day.
  • We have global experience. Our California based staff travels worldwide to provide training, installation, and support.

Wake Island Airfield


Alabama: Redstone Arsenal, Lowe AHP, Hanchey AHP, Shell AHP

Alaska: Fort Wainwright, Bryant AAF

Arizona: Gila Bend AFAF, Libby AAF, Laguna AAF

California: Vandenberg AFB, Edwards AFB, Goldstone DSCC, Bicycle Lake AAF

Texas: Biggs AAF, Robert Gray AAF, Hood AAF, and Laughlin AFAF

Other USAF locations in LA, TN, MD, VA, MA, WI, WY, MI, HI, and FL

Wake and Shemya Islands

Japan: Camp Zama

Korea: Osan Air Base, Yongsan Air Base

Kuwait: Ali Al Salem AB

Antarctica: Palmer and McMurdo Stations

Sierra Leone: Lungi International Airport

Angola: Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport and 10 others



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