Airport Weather Advisor™ AWOS

FAA Certified, ICAO/WMO Compliant Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) for Meteorological Reporting at Any Size Airport.

Airport Weather Advisor™

AWA™ utilizes a collection of highly accurate sensors and advanced computer algorithms to automatically measure meteorological parameters, analyze data, and broadcast certified aviation weather reports. FAA commissioned systems fulfill various Federal Aviation Regulations, enable the creation of published flight plans, and support reporting to the National Weather Service.

Fully automated reporting of METAR, SPECI, SYNOP, and other reports with available manual report augmentation

Voice reports via telephone and ground-to-air transmitters (VHF or UHF) are available in English, Spanish, French, and bilingual

Large airports and airfields with weather-sensitive aircraft benefit from unlimited sensors and sensor locations with the automatic active runway heading detection

Secure remote factory support capabilities and an experienced support team ensure your system stays up and running

AWOS Live cloud platform delivers up-to-the-second data anywhere in the world

➤ ISO 9001:2015 Certified, FAA-Certified, ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Compliant, WMO (World Meteorological Organization) Compliant

Airport Weather Advisor FAA certified AWOS systems are available for new installations or replacement of existing systems. Replacement systems can re-use existing infrastructure including concrete pads, towers, and electrical infrastructure. Our FAA certified systems meet all the requirements of Advisory Circular AC 150/5220-16E


  • Dual barometric pressure/altimeter sensors
  • Wind speed and direction (mechanical or ultrasonic sensor options)
  • Temperature/Relative humidity and dewpoint
  • Visibility/Precipitation identification/Ambient light sensing
  • Hail and ice pellet detection
  • Lightning/Thunderstorm detection
  • Freezing rain detection
  • Fully automated report generation with manual augmentation
  • VHF ground-to-air voice broadcast
  • Voice reports via telephone
  • UHF data link, optical fiber, or hard-wired communication
  • AWOS Live real-time web display


We also offer backup AWOS using our FAA certified system configurations that meet the FAA’s requirements for backup weather equipment.

Mesotech’s ICAO/WMO compliant Airport Weather Advisor® systems use the same time-tested hardware and software as our FAA certified and military systems. Sensors may be placed in an unlimited number of locations around the airport or airfield to collect the right data from the right places. For example, wind sensors and visibility sensors are commonly placed at multiple locations along a runway.

Customized communication options including spread spectrum or UHF data radios and 4G data transmission
Standard and custom data output formats for integration into regional and national data networks
Runway Visual Range (RVR) reporting using forward scatter visibility sensors
Automatic runway light intensity monitoring (RLIM) for Runway Visual Range (RVR) calculations
Automatic active runway heading detection for producing accurate automated reports based on the most relevant sensors on the airfield

Airport Weather Advisor® has been in use by the US Air Force since 2001 and Mesotech’s military aviation weather systems are the most robust, high availability systems on the market. They are tailored to the specific application and maximize availability and minimize mean time to repair. We offer engineering, logistics support, and helpdesk support to keep mission critical systems up and running.

‣ Triple redundant barometric pressure/altimeter sensors
‣ Cybersecurity and physical security hardening
‣ Redundant power supplies and data collection units
‣ Redundant communication paths (wire, optical fiber, wireless)
‣ Extreme operating conditions/environmental options
‣ Extended run-time uninterruptible power supplies
‣ Backup weather systems

AWOS at Goldstone Deep Space Communication Complex, Fort Irwin, California.

Goldstone Deep Space Communication Complex,
Fort Irwin, California

AWOS at Bryant Army Airfield, Anchorage, Alaska

Bryant Army Airfield,
Anchorage, Alaska

AWOS at US Air Force Base, Wake Island.

US Air Force Base,
Wake Island

More than an airport weather station. AWA™ Automated Weather Observing Systems consist of an outdoor airfield station with meteorological sensors, an indoor central processing station, and a secure proprietary cloud platform AWOS Live. AWA™ is designed for continuous 24-hour cloud data remote monitoring and access through AWOS Live. AWA™ is configurable to meet the needs of any airport, heliport, or vertiport.

Always Connected - AWOS Live

AWOS Live is a mobile-friendly web application for your airport that brings up-to-the-second Aviation Weather Data to your fingertips!

Data is securely streamed live to our cloud platform using the latest in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, allowing users around the world to see live data. Updated every 5 seconds.

No app requiredyour users simply browse to your dedicated web address and up-to-the-second AWOS data will be at their fingertips. 

AWA™ is a Highly Configurable AWOS

Mesotech's Airport Weather Advisor™ systems are highly configurable to meet the demands of modern aviation. From FAA Type-Certified options to ICAO/WMP Compliant to our AN/FMQ-23 systems used by the US Air Force, AWA™ is designed and engineered for modern aviation.

Each Airport Weather Advisor™ system has a set of common components for data collection and processing and the configuration defines what sensing and reporting capabilities it has. Most U.S. airports opt for one of the AWOS III (AWOS 3) configurations or greater because the addition of the Ceilometer, providing an optional system connection to the National Airspace Data Interchange Network (NADIN).


AWOS A: Altimeter settings
AWOS A/V: Altimeter setting and visibility
AWOS I: Wind speed and direction, temperature, dew point, altimeter setting, and density altitude
AWOS II: Wind speed and direction, temperature, dew point, altimeter setting, density altitude, and visibility
AWOS III / AWOS-3: Wind speed and direction, temperature, dew point, altimeter setting, density altitude, visibility, precipitation accumulation, cloud height, and sky condition
AWOS IIIP / AWOS-3P: Wind speed and direction, temperature, dew point, altimeter setting, density altitude, visibility, precipitation accumulation, cloud height, sky condition, and present weather
AWOS IIIPT / AWOS-3PT: Wind speed and direction, temperature, dew point, altimeter setting, density altitude, visibility, precipitation accumulation, cloud height, sky condition, present weather, and thunderstorm/lightning
AWOS IV Z / AWOS-4Z: Wind speed and direction, temperature, dew point, altimeter setting, density altitude, visibility, precipitation accumulation, cloud height, sky condition, present weather, thunderstorm/lightning, and freezing rain

There is no limit to the number of airfield stations and sensor configurations Mesotech AWOS can support, allowing you to adjust or increase your system as the situation dictates. This includes Runway Visual Range (RVR) using forward scatter visibility sensors.


Where We Are

Mesotech International is a global provider of AWOS aviation systems represented on all seven continents, including Antarctica. No matter where you are in the world, the size of your airport, or the volume of air travel you represent, Mesotech can provide you with a customized and fully compliant AWOS system. Our systems are FAA Type Certified and compliant with all international standards including ICAO and WMO to provide you with up to the minute meteorological reports no matter where you are.
Some of our recent installations include:


Alabama: Redstone Arsenal, Lowe AHP, Hanchey AHP, Shell AHP,

Alaska: Fort Wainwright, Bryant AAF

Arizona: Gila Bend AFAF, Libby AAF, Laguna AAF, Glendale Airport,

California: Vandenberg AFB, Edwards AFB, Goldstone DSCC, Bicycle Lake AAF, Reedley Airport, Camreon Park Airport

Florida: Valkaria Airport, Miami Opa-Locka Executive Airport

Geogia: Moultrie Municipal Airport

Indiana: Hendricks County Airport

Texas: Biggs AAF, Robert Gray AAF, Hood AAF, and Laughlin AFAF, Brooks County Airport, Mena Airport, Hall-Miller Airport, Grahm Airport

Utah: Blanding Airport, Monticello Airport

Other USAF locations in Lousiana, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Michigan, Hawaii, and Florida


Antarctica: Palmer and McMurdo Stations

Canada: Mary River Aerodrome

Japan: Camp Zama

Korea: Osan Air Base, Yongsan Air Base

Kuwait: Ali Al Salem AB

Sierra Leone: Lungi International Airport

Angola: Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport and 10 others

Wake and Shemya Islands


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