Cameron Park Airport (KO61) Goes AWOS Live!

Cameron Park, Calif. (June 3, 2022) – Mesotech International, Inc. upgraded the Airport Weather Advisor® Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) at Cameron Park Airport (KO61) to include the company’s new AWOS Live capability. AWOS Live streams up-to-the-second aviation weather data to web browsers on any device, anywhere in the world. The Airport Weather Advisor® system at Cameron Park Airport was first commissioned four years ago in June 2018 and has supported aviation safety in the area ever since.  

Cameron Park is a census-designated place located in El Dorado County, California in the Greater Sacramento area. The Airport Estates community of Cameron Park features extra wide streets which double as airport taxiways, allowing residents to taxi their private airplanes from the airport straight to their private residences, many of which feature personal aircraft hangers or have aircraft parked in their driveways. Airport Estates sits across from the man-made Cameron Park Lake, which is regularly stocked with bluegill, black bass, and black crappie fish. Every July 4th, the lake is home to the Summer Spectacular event which features fireworks, food, and entertainment.

The Cameron Park Airport is a public-use airport located in Cameron Park, California; 30 miles east of Sacramento and 70 miles west of South Lake Tahoe. The airport has one paved asphalt runway and covers 61 acres at an elevation of 1286 feet above mean sea level. The runway is designated 13/31 and measures 4,051ft x 50ft (1235m x 15m). The airport also connects to the roadways of the Cameron Park Airport Estates community, allowing residents to commute entirely to and from work by air. AWOS Live expands the capabilities of Airport Weather Advisor® and allows residents of the Airport Estates Community of Cameron Park to check weather data, updated every 5 seconds, from the palm of their hand at their dining room table.


About Mesotech International, Inc.   

Mesotech International, Inc. is based in Sacramento, CA and has designed, manufactured, and installed meteorological monitoring systems for over 25 years. Mesotech’s flagship product, Airport Weather Advisor®, is an FAA-certified, ICAO compliant, and USAF approved Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) for airports and military airfields. Awarded Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year (Region IX) in 2014, Mesotech is a US Air Force prime contractor who provides new systems, engineering, and logistics support for over 200 military installations worldwide.