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Mesotech International Delivers Aviation Weather Solutions — Start to Finish. 

Our Story

Based in Sacramento, California, Mesotech got its start by supplying small meteorological stations to industry. Over 30 years in the making, our company has an international client base with thousands of weather stations around the world and stills retains the personal touch that built our reputation.

For a small company, we are proud that we deliver on big promises! Our weather systems are on all seven continents including Antarctica and have been in continuous use by the US Air Force since 2001. 

Our Airport Weather Advisor system is FAA Type Certified and available in ICAO and WMO compliant versions making it ideal for airports worldwide, both military and civilian.

Mesotech International Inc, AWOS Fixed Weather Observation System on Wake Island

AN/FMQ-23, Fixed Base Weather Observation System
Mesotech International, INC.

Our team of engineers have seen it all and built customized systems for every kind of meteorological and geographical demand imaginable. From spending three rain-soaked days on a boat to install a system in Fiji, to donning body armor in Afghanistan while providing support to the US military, our team has decades of experience meeting the unique demands of aviation weather. We can’t wait to provide the perfect solution for your application. 

Our History


Mesotech International, Inc. founded in Sacramento, California.

Our flagship product, Airport Weather Advisor™ is launched


United States Air Force begins fielding Airport Weather Advisor™ to airfields worldwide


Mesotech releases next-generation DCP32 Data Collection Platform


Mesotech Releases 8th Generation of Airport Weather Advisor™


US Air Force awards Mesotech $15M production and installation contract for AN/FMQ-23

Airport Weather Advisor™ receives AWOS I FAA Type-Certification


Small Business Administration Awards Mesotech Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year, Region IX


Mesotech commissions first FAA certified Airport Weather Advisor system.


US Air Force awards Mesotech $20M logistics support contract for AN/FMQ-19 and AN/FMQ-22


US Air Force awards Mesotech $17M sole-source production and support contract for AN/FMQ-23 


Airport Weather Advisor™ receives AWOS II, III, IIIPT, IV Z FAA Type-Certification


Mesotech commissions first FAA type-certified


Mesotech releases AWOS Live, a new cloud-enabled Airport Weather Advisor™ platform


Our Engineering

Here at Mesotech, our staff of dedicated engineers know what you demand in a product, and they deliver. Designing and supporting meteorological, hydrological, and environmental monitoring systems for everything from automated weather observing systems for aviation to flood warnings systems. Mesotech engineers can provide you with a simple out of the box solution to get you up and running fast, or design and build you a customized network specialized to your needs. No job is too big or too small for our team to handle.

Mesotech has over 25 years of experience, and our equipment is built to last no matter what the environmental demands are. However, we understand the costs of running a business, and we’re here to work with you. Our engineers have extensive experience in integrating legacy equipment and machines into the Mesotech architecture and they’ll help utilize existing infrastructure and systems to save you time and money. If you need a workaround, our engineers will find you a solution.

Experienced in inhospitable conditions such as Antarctica and Afghanistan, our engineers will come to you to assist in setting up and installing your Mesotech system and equipment no matter where you are in the world from Alaska to Sierra Leone. Mesotech engineers have installed our systems on all seven continents and have experience working in all weather conditions. Our flagship AWOS Airport Weather Advisor™ and our Weather Pro™ products have each been in ongoing development and continual use for over 25 years and can work for you.

Our Support Team

It’s the personal touch that matters and that’s where we here at Mesotech outshine all the rest. Customer service matters to us and we deliver in a way that the larger companies can only dream of. Our help desk is fully staffed by engineers and technicians who provide daily support for over 200 military airfields around the globe. When you call us, we answer, we listen, and we act fast producing solutions quickly and efficiently.

Our California based staff has experience wherever you need us. Mesotech engineers have traveled worldwide for turnkey installations, troubleshooting, maintenance, training, and general support in all kinds of demanding terrain and weather conditions.

We also provide training for local technicians to keep you running year in and year out and reduce your maintenance costs.

Customer service is our specialty and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built. In 2014 we were awarded Region IX Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year for rapid delivery and installation of a mission critical system in a combat zone.