Mesotech Elevates Aviation Safety with New AWOS Installation at Hendricks County Airport-Gordon Graham Field in Danville Indiana


Danville, Indiana (September 19, 2023) – Mesotech International, Inc. commissioned a new Airport Weather Advisor® AWOS-3PT Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) at Hendricks County Airport-Gordon Graham Field (K2R2) in Danville, Indiana on September 19, 2023. The installation was performed by Mesotech technicians, engineers, and local maintainers.

Mesotech Airport Weather Advisor® AWOS-3PT at Hendricks County Airport-Gordon Graham Field in Danville Indiana
Mesotech Airport Weather Advisor® AWOS-3PT at Hendricks County Airport-Gordon Graham Field in Danville Indiana | Keegan Martin / Mesotech International, Inc.

Airport Weather Advisor® is the flagship product of Mesotech International, Inc., a Sacramento, California-based manufacturer of meteorological instrumentation systems. The new AWOS supports aviation safety by providing automatic, up-to-the-minute weather reports to pilots via radio, telephone, or the internet. The system is monitored remotely by Mesotech’s support staff to ensure the system operates properly year-round and live data in the palm of your hand can be found through the web-based app at K2R2.AWOS.LIVE, which now features a new light-mode option.

AWOS Live web application displayed on various devices.

The new AWOS-3PT system isn't just about improving aviation operations; it's also about making a positive impact on the daily lives of Danville's residents:

  1. Enhanced Safety for Our Skies: This state-of-the-art weather monitoring system provides pilots with precise, real-time weather data, ensuring safer takeoffs and landings. Residents can rest assured knowing that aviation safety is being prioritized and remotely monitored in their community.
  2. Boosting Local Economy: The installation of the AWOS system reinforces Hendricks County Airport-Gordon Graham Field's position as a vital transportation hub. It attracts more businesses, aviation enthusiasts, and tourists to the area, potentially stimulating local economic growth and creating new job opportunities.
  3. Reduced Environmental Impact: By optimizing flight paths using accurate weather data, the AWOS-3PT system contributes to reducing fuel consumption and emissions.
  4. Compliance with Quality Standards: The FAA-commissioned AWOS-3PT system adheres to stringent FAA regulations, ensuring it maintains the highest safety and quality standards. Danville residents can take pride in having cutting-edge technology that meets industry benchmarks right in their backyard.

The Mesotech AWOS provides real-time monitoring and remote support for all their AWOS systems from their headquarters in Sacramento. Support calls are answered by technicians and engineers who have designed, built, and installed the system. Systems are monitored remotely through Mesotech’s innovative and groundbreaking new product, AWOS Live, which allows you to securely stream airport weather data from the ground or in the skies directly to your phone. With Mesotech’s support, Hendricks County Airport-Gordon Graham Field will continue to thrive.

About Mesotech International, Inc.
Mesotech International, Inc. is based in Sacramento, CA, and has designed, manufactured, and installed meteorological monitoring systems for over 30 years. Mesotech’s flagship product is Airport Weather Advisor®, an FAA-certified and ICAO-compliant Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS). Airport Weather Advisor® enhances flight safety for civil and military aviation through accurate, reliable automated weather reports delivered to pilots in the air and worldwide via Mesotech’s AWOS Live cloud platform. Mesotech is a US Air Force prime contractor, supporting 200+ military sites worldwide, and was awarded Region IX Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year in 2014.